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Late in 2011 I found out about a cycle race starting on February 18th. The Global Bicycle Race was conceived by Vin Cox, world record holder for unsupported circumnavigation of the planet. The concept was for a group of riders to start in Greenwich at the same time, with the aim to beat Vin's record of 163 days. Initially I thought that would be good, but it's beyond me, I had just brought a Brooks saddle which was so comfortable that I thought "Maybe I could ride 18,000 miles on this piece of leather." I thought about entering, but with the intention of just getting around, the 163 days would be beyond me. But after a while I thought maybe I could beat that.
Unfortunately though for reasons beyond my control I could not enter the race. I planned to do it this year, but delays in getting the money from my house sale meant that I have had to postpone it until next year. Damn and blast. I really want to do this.
One of the guys who set off in February has just beaten the record. Mike Hall finished in 92 days. That is an amazing 200 miles a day. I will not be able to beat this time and don't really want to either. I want to enjoy myself as I go around. I am planning to do 125 miles a day and every tenth day have a rest day. This would still push me to my limits and might be a bit more than I can manage, but it means I would complete in 160 days. If I can do that millage great, but the aim would be just to complete it.
I plan to set off in March 2013 now and will leave London, go to Dover, ferry to Calais. Then cycle to Kerch in the Ukraine, catch a ferry across the Black sea to Poti in Georgia and cycle to Baku in Azerbaijan. Ferry across the Caspian sea to Turkmenistan, then onto Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan then into northern China and to Beijing. Fly to Perth, Western Australia and cycle to Sydney. Fly to Christchurch, New Zealand and cycle to Auckland. Fly to Los Angeles and cycle to New York, via Arizona and Niagra Falls. Fly to Buenos Aires and cycle to Rio de Janeiro. Then fly to Casablanca and cycle to Santander in northern Spain where I would catch a ferry to Plymouth. Then Plymouth to Bristol and Bristol to London.
I am going to attempt this according to the world record specification, although there is no chance of me trying to do it in less than 92 days. This means that I would have to carry a GPS tracker, so people will be able to see my progress.
If you want to follow me you will be able to do that here. I am also on Twitter @ukextremes or on Facebook Stephen.Rowe.121.

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